Office Networking

Small office environments today are interconnected. And different office networks have different needs. And while, unlike 5 years ago, most office networks are networked – they have never been properly designed for security, data protection, or user efficiency. The machines have simply been “connected.”  Good network design starts with asking the right questions. Should your system be a peer to peer network (where the machines simply share files and printers) or a domain network (where users can log into any machine transparently and see the same central information)? Should the connections be wired or wireless or a mix of both? Has it been tested for speed and security? How is it being monitored? These kinds of questions are about making the network serve the needs of the business rather than the other way around.

Let Jackson Networks review your office network for these enhancements:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hosted Network Appliances
  • Improve the speed of computer/network connections.
  • Automate the backup procedures for your crucial data.
  • Ensure virus protection and disaster recovery features are sound.
  • Review the Security/Firewall protection onsite.
  • Automate network monitoring to spot trouble before it happens.
Computer Service and Upgrading

Is your computer crashing or running slowly?
• We repair all brands of PCs in shop or on site
• Virus and popup removal
• Upgrading and software installations
• Accessory installations, Digital Cameras, Printers, Scanners, Projectors etc.

Servers and Workstations

Worried about a server crash or data loss?
• We can maintain and repair most Windows servers
• Backup analysis and training for data loss prevention
• Setting up mirrored, raid, or striped hard drives
• Adding new users and access controls
• Upgrading and replacing old servers with data migration

Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, most businesses have little time to think about disaster recovery and security issues until an actual emergency happens. Virus activity, network security breaches (from inside or out), hardware damage, power surges, and even dust and grime are all sources of potential vulnerability to the real investment you make when it comes to computers and your information. If it is lost or stolen, it spells financial disaster. Many business environments (especially the growing number of SOHO offices) are surprisingly without dependable and secure backup procedures. If you lose data that needs recovery, your business can be in serious trouble. Even offices that do have a backup strategy often are spending far too much money on labor for someone to watch over that procedure. Data backup should be automatic and hidden and should not have to involve any individual’s valuable time to “babysit” the process. A simple installation of a backup hard drive and an offsite backup service is the most efficient and dependable way for most businesses to have the most current backup system in place. We can advise you on how to set this up easily and inexpensively. Still not convinced? Consider…

  • Nearly 4 in 5 (78%) of businesses faced with a catastrophe without a contingency plan are out of business within 2 years, and
  • 9 in 10 (90%) of companies unable to resume business operations within 5 days of a disaster are out of business within 1 year.

Remote Services

Now, through the use of 21st century support tools, we can also assist you in resolving issues remotely over the Internet. Our assistance software allows us to bring a qualified technician right to your computer working alongside you just as they would in your home or office over a secure 256 bit connection. Through our support software, you can watch our trained professional technicians connect to your PC and navigate through the issue and quickly resolve it. We can do remote virus and spyware removals, provide training on software programs, troubleshoot networking issues, diagnose a hardware or printer issue, or provide you with specialized expert consultations on a variety of technical issues. Remote support is billed in 15 minute increments and starts only from the time our designated technician connects to your system.