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Importance of the IT Manager

With so much modern technology and everything on computers today, the role of the IT (Information Technology) manager is crucial to the operation of almost any company in the world. … Read more

8 Trends Changing Network Security

Sophos – By James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy Technology in the network security space has been through many dramatic changes recently. New mobile operating systems, growing use of personal … Read more

Google’s Motorola hits Apple with new patent lawsuit

Motorola Mobility today filed a new patent-infringement suit against Apple and seeks to block imports of many foreign-made products such as the iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch, and some Macs. According to Bloomberg, … Read more

Microsoft to build more than 3 million Surface tablets, says IDC

Microsoft is expected to build a little more than 3 million Surface tablets, market researcher IDC told CNET. An IDC analyst also offered his views on the likelihood of a … Read more

The latest threats and how to protect against them

AutoInf AutoInf is a component used by many malware families, notably Conficker, Sality and AutoRun. AutoInf is used to automatically run associated malware from removable media such as USB drives. … Read more