What the difference is between business and consumer equipment?

We sell business level PCs and equipment and are often asked what the difference is between business and consumer equipment – specifically PCs. Here is a description of the most common differences between these machines.


  1. Longevity

Business laptops are made to last longer. Manufacturers assume consumers will upgrade computers more frequently as new technology comes out. The same is not correct about businesses. Most businesses have a plan in place for replacing technology every 4-6 years. Also, business computers are built for long-term, all-day usage, which is very different from the mostly sporadic use a home computer gets.

  1. Design

Business computers are basic. Very few offer unique design features or “pretty” colors that you frequently see in consumer computers. While business models are finally starting to catch up (2-in-1 tablets, like the Microsoft Surface Pro) they are still behind the consumer market.

  1. Configuration

Business laptops offer more options for configuration, such as additional storage, higher-quality display, processors, battery and even keyboards. Consumer laptops might offer a few of those options, but they don’t customize configuration like business models.

  1. Support

Business computer systems come with better support options and are more easily supported by your IT department. The default warranty is typically more extended on a business model than a consumer model, and business models tend to get priority support from the manufacturer.

  1. Power

In general, business computers are built with much more powerful processors and graphics units than consumer computers. They also have better cooling solutions and bigger batteries. Consumer computers can usually be upgraded to add these items in if needed, but business computers know their users already require this, so it comes standard.

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