Client virtualization is the future.

Are reducing costs and security risks at the top of your priority list? We can help. Remote workers need anytime, anywhere access to their desktops—seamlessly. You need to make sure your data is secure and your updates are easy and seamless. By moving the workload from a PC to a server, all these things are simple. It’s easier than ever to adapt your technology to your quickly changing business needs with thin computing.

Why Thin Client?

Times are tough. Users are demanding anytime, anywhere access to data. And you need to keep your data secure. All while keeping costs down. Thin clients—the ideal solution for your operation if you’re concerned about the cost of PC replacement, data access and security. And keeping everyone happy with software support on all kinds of hardware.

  • Performance for Power Users

    Now, even your biggest power users can get their work done—reliably and securely. With our advanced software and software from our partners, you can keep all your users—even those who need to work with data-intensive applications—happy and productive. We compress and accelerate our software, so users enjoy a desktop workstation-like experience, wherever they are.

  • Security for the Most Safety-Conscious

    With thin clients, you can keep secure data storage and applications on your server, so they’re easy to replace if they’re ever lost, stolen, or damaged. After all, thin clients have no hard drive. And that makes them the ideal solution for businesses that need help complying with laws like HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. And security standards like those from Trusted Computing Group and NIST.

  • Manageability for Control Freaks

    We’re control freaks, too. That’s why we keep management centralized at the server in the datacenter. That way, there are fewer points of failure and less susceptibility to viruses and malware. And thin clients are easy to deploy—out of the box in less than 10 minutes—with configuration that’s as real no-brainer. All it takes is a web browser or remote desktop software to connect thin clients to your server. And, whether you want simple single-application kiosks or a familiar Windows environment, it’s easy for you to customize client desktops for your users.

  • Reliable and Energy Efficient

    In the unlikely event of a natural disaster or emergency, thin clients can keep your business moving. And we’ve proven it by making sure that our thin clients undergo 115,000 hours of testing for quality and reliability. With no hard drive or other moving parts, they last longer—a longer lifespan than standard computers. They even offer significant savings in power usage over traditional desktops—for lower energy costs and lower cooling costs than heat-generating PCs!

  • Lower TCO = Big Savings

    Greater security. Real reliability. Easy management. And longer lifespan. It adds up to a lower cost of ownership. In fact, a recent Gartner study measured thin client TCO annual savings as high as:

    • 79% downtime cost-per-user
    • 16% capital cost savings
    • 34% less in maintenance
    • 19% less to operate
    • 48% overall lower TCO


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