Increase Business Agility and IT Efficiency

Cloud computing can give you an agile, efficient IT infrastructure that responds quickly and flexibly to changing demands. Create Pools of Shared Computing and Storage Resources Cloud computing virtually pools resources and provides them as a service shared by many applications. When you need resources, you provision them from the pool, use them as long as you need them and, typically, pay for them based on usage. When you no longer need the resources, you return them to the pool, where they can be used by other applications. With this flexibility and scalability for your applications, cloud computing can help your IT organization respond faster to the needs of your business while increasing the efficiency of your operations. In addition, cloud computing helps your IT organization free up trapped resources that can be redirected to support innovative projects that move your business forward. Cloud computing models help you shift resources out of operations and maintenance, and into new projects that keep your business competitive.
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