Top 10 Reasons for SMBs to Choose Office 365

Independent professionals and small businesses have to do more with less. It’s about staying close to your customers, focusing on your business differentiators, and being more agile than competitors. Microsoft® Office 365 can help you achieve those goals with low upfront costs, rich features, a familiar Microsoft Office experience, and guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime. Of course, Google also has online productivity offerings that are within reach of small businesses. So, why should small businesses choose Office 365 over Google Apps? The full white paper discusses the following 10 reasons in greater detail:


Office 365 values your security and privacy.


Office 365 is simple to set up and use.
Office 365 is built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. No Office 365 services are supported by advertising—and there is no risk that your information will be scanned for ad targeting. Office 365 is designed for professionals and small businesses to get started right away. If these businesses don’t have in-house IT staff, no problem! Setting up new users and their permission levels is a snap.


Office 365 is available when you need it.


Office 365 is flexible.
With Office 365 you’re not tied down to an Internet connection. Whether you’re online or offline, whether you are using a PC, mobile device, or browser, you can get work done virtually anytime, anywhere. With Microsoft, you can choose a cloud-based solution, an on-premises solution, or a hybrid of the two to meet specific operational or security requirements. Microsoft has one of the world’s largest partner ecosystems to help you get exactly the solution you need.


Office 365 is effective and efficient.


Office 365 is financially-backed.
Office 365 services work together to deliver a seamless experience. Communicate with instant messaging, real-time presence, video conferencing, and desktop sharing— accessible right from familiar Office applications. Office 365 comes with a 99.9 percent service level agreement (SLA) and gives customers financial credit if the SLA is not met. Our SLA covers the entire solution, not just “core” services. Microsoft has a proven track record of enterprise-class availability, and you can count on us to be responsive when unexpected downtime occurs.


Office 365 lets you be productive NOW.


Office 365 means no surprises.
If you have used Microsoft Office, you can use Office 365 with virtually no training. Whatever your experience, Office 365 is straightforward, yet offers all the features power users expect. With a clear technology and feature roadmap, and advance notice for significant updates, Office 365 gives you the predictability you need to make confident business decisions.


Office 365 is the professional choice.


Office 365 delivers help when you need it.
With Office 365, you can get the benefits of cloud computing while using the same productivity tools as your customers and partners. The fidelity of your documents is preserved across devices (PC, browser, and phone) and will look as expected to the recipients. All Office 365 plans include access to moderated community forums, where you can find the answer to virtually any question you might have. Access to 24/7 phone support is also available with many plans.


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